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Our Geek Shop has it all… 


Whether you are looking for cool geek toys, nerdy shirts, or geek gifts for your favorite technology addict, you can find it all here at the official geek shop that specialize in nerd fashion, ranging from nerd glasses all the way to video game shirts.

The most important thing to do when shopping for geek gear is to find the best geek shop out there. Here, you can find a wide selection of the best nerd fashion the Internet has to offer. Busted Tees specializes in nerdy t shirts, but also has a wide selection of other geek gear. If you have a Harry Potter fanatic in your family, there are just the right nerd shirts available for them. If you ran into an awesome geek shirt that your friend was wearing, look it up on our site because chances are they probably got their nerd clothes here at the Geek Shop.

If someone you know is a fan of video games, simply browsing through the selection of video game shirts will allow you to find the perfect geek gift for them here at the geek shop. These geek shirts are unique, nerdy, and smart. They’ll allow you to be the most loved gift-giver this Christmas because you put thought into finding the perfect nerd outfit for your family and loved ones. Everyone knows that dragons are awesome, and that Khaleesi from Game of Thrones is the mother of dragons. What if these dragons were simply the Pokemons she collected? This is just one example of a featured shirt design that combines the awesomeness of two different nerd TV shows. It’s time to figure out what shows and video games your favorite nerds love, and use it to your advantage by getting them a shirt that combines all of them together for one amazing outfit.

Who says nerd clothing is only for men? The designs available for geek clothing are customized to fit anyone.
Whether you are looking for men’s clothes or womens clothes, the wide selection lets you pick the absolute best shirt. Do you have a sister that’s a die-hard fan of Star Wars? No problem, there’s a creative shirt for that! Let’s not forget about the imaginative ladies that dream about being a part of the Hunger Games so that one day they can have a Peeta or Gail of their own. Do they brag about how they would love to volunteer as tribute to save the lives of their family and friends? They can show it with the shirt you bought them.

Shirts are not the only things geek’s like. In fact, they are often looking to show the world that they are proud to be nerds by using geek tools and other unique stuff that make them stick out from the rest. If you’re a photography enthusiast, always waking up early in the morning to capture the beautiful sky lit up by the sun, you’ll need to have your cup of coffee with you. Don’t worry because the camera lens mug will make your day beautiful both inside and out. The mug is part of some the best geek stuff available for photographers, as they tend to be deprived of sleep, living on coffee to make it through the day. Wait until your colleagues see the mug — they will be impressed and start hinting for you to get it for them as a present.

There is the best selection of every geek’s fantasy available throughout this official Geek Shop. You don’t have to stop at nerd clothing; there are hoodies, wallets, and even iPhone accessories to geek out your family and friends (and of course, you deserve some too for being the unique gift-giver!). If you are a sports guy, on top of being a geek, there is a selection of sports

shirts that may just be what you are looking for. People will surely be on your back asking about how you found such a unique shirt to buy.

Busted Tees is the wonderland for geek stuff, so be sure to pick up your broom and fly through the selection in search of your favorite shirts, tools, and accessories (collect the golden snitch and you win)!